Pet Funerals and Burials

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A pet is a beloved part of a family. When one of them dies, it can be a good idea to honor their lives with a burial or some kind of ceremony. This is especially important if there are children involved who need closure on the loss of their pet. There are a few options when it comes to burials, cremations, and services for pets. By learning a bit about the options available, a pet can be honored exactly as the entire family wants.

Choosing Cremation

Many people choose to cremate their pets. This can be a more affordable option that still allows for a ceremony and for the closure that comes with it. There are many East Greenbush, NY funeral home options that have wonderful services for pets and that can offer commemorative urns with which to display the ashes if that is something the family desires. There are biodegradable urn choices, too, if burial is something that everyone wants while still keeping the entire process environmentally friendly.


There are many pet cemeteries throughout the country. These cemeteries cater especially to animals and have lovely headstones to choose from as well as gorgeous plots of land to purchase. A burial can allow the pet’s owners to visit the grave, helping with the healing process. Most funeral homes can plan a pet burial and can make the necessary arrangements in an appropriate cemetery.

Memorial Services

A pet’s death can leave an emptiness that needs just as much closure as a human death. By having a memorial service, the entire family can have closure. For children, especially, getting to say goodbye to their pets is vital and a memorial service can help them do that. A good option is to have a service that has music and pictures of the animal. Taking the time to have one of these services will be a huge benefit to the grieving process.

Choosing Funeral Homes

Not every funeral home will provide services for pet deaths. It is important to call and see if they can provide burials, cremation, and memorial services to ensure that everyone gets exactly the kind of service they want. Rates are also something to keep in mind. There are some companies who will ask for a much steeper price for these services than they should, so keep that in mind when selecting the funeral home. Ask to see options when it comes to urns and cemeteries to know if the company is the right one.

A beloved pet should be honored in death and lots of people are beginning to turn to pet funerals for this reason. With the right funeral home providing the right services, everyone can get the closure they need after the death of a pet. Whether considering burial, cremation, or just a memorial service, choosing a good funeral home is important. Get started by choosing McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc., located at 208 N Allen St, Albany, NY 12206 by calling (518) 489-0188.

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