Cremation Services: Must-Know Information

Posted on March 12, 2018 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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These days, cremation has become just as popular as traditional burials. For some people who are concerned with the environment, cremation offers an alternative to placing caskets in the earth while for others, religious beliefs can mean wanting to choose cremation over burial. There are important things to know about the cremation process and about the options once the process is finished. We have some important information to consider regarding cremation.

Basics of the Process

Many people believe that cremation takes a long time, but that is not so. In two or three hours, the process is done, allowing the family to begin planning a memorial service if they so choose. This is one of the many benefits of cremation. Many Rensselaer, NY funeral homes offer cremation services and can guide the family through the process so that everyone is aware of what is happening at any given moment. This takes away some of the worry. It can be a good idea to ask any questions as soon as the planning stage begins to ensure that there are no concerns.

What to Do with Remains

People choose different options when it comes to dealing with the remains after a cremation. For some, scattering the ashes is the right choice, while for others, buying a spot in a columbarium can provide the closure they need. Ashes can be transported, if this is a concern, though there are a few restrictions that can change from state to state. Speaking with a funeral home director or with the people in charge of the cremation can make certain that you are ready to transport the ashes if that is something the family wants to do.

Planning Services

Many times, people have the idea that because they have chosen to cremate their loved ones, they cannot have a funeral or memorial service. This is not the case at all. Planning a service is actually much easier when choosing cremation because there is less restriction when it comes to time. Since the service can be performed when the cremation is done, the family can even have the urn with the ashes at the service. Taking the time to speak with a funeral director can help the family begin planning the service before or after the cremation has taken place.

Knowing what the cremation process is like will help when it comes to making a decision on what to do with a loved one’s remains. Do not feel limited by the idea that there is only one kind of cremation or that there are restrictions on what can be done with the remains. With a funeral home to help with the planning, it can be very easy to prepare a service that offers relief from the worst of the grief after a loved one dies. Take the time to contact a funeral home like McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. at 208 N Allen St, Albany, NY 12206. Reach us at (518) 489-0188 to get started!

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