Is Hiring a Celebrant a Good Idea?

Posted on March 26, 2018 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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When beginning the planning after a loved one’s death, one question that many people have is whether or not hiring a celebrant is a good idea. A celebrant will provide personalized services for the grieving family and can be an asset. It is important to consider hiring one for certain types of help. There are a number of benefits that can come from choosing to turn to a celebrant.

What They Do

A celebrant customizes funeral services, offering options that can turn the funeral into a unique experience. A celebrant can be a great substitute for a religious figure during a funeral if the deceased loved one did not want to have a religious ceremony. This is why many North Greenbush, NY funeral home options offer celebrants. A celebrant will do everything possible to create a unique service that celebrates the deceased person’s life.


One of the most important benefits that a celebrant provides is guidance throughout the entire process. They will be able to help with everything from the planning to the actual execution of the funeral service. They are there to help the entire family through the grief process. They help prepare time for the family to share stories and memories of the deceased that can bring the kind of closure that people need after a death. A celebrant has lots of experience planning services that will honor the person and offer a personalized memorial. None of the services they preside over are ever the same, which allows people to feel connected to their loved one.

What to Consider

It is important to keep in mind that celebrants usually cost a bit more. The services they provide are vast and will transform the funeral service, so although it will require a slightly bigger budget, it is well worth it. Be sure to ask about whether the funeral home under consideration offers celebrant services so that there are no surprises once the actual planning starts. As soon as the family hires a celebrant, the right thing to do is to give them as much information about the deceased loved one as possible. This can mean music they loved, images, poetry, and everything else that reminds the family of their loved one. This will allow the celebrant to start the planning process so that he or she can create a gorgeous memorial service.

Having a celebrant in planning a funeral can be the best decision a grieving family makes. A celebrant will take care of all of the minutiae of the planning process and will ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the funeral service. Although hiring them can be an added cost, almost all people who turn to their services are very happy with their decision. If this is something appealing, then find a funeral home that can provide these services. Contact McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc., found at 208 N Allen St, Albany, NY 12206 by calling (518) 489-0188 without delay!

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