Albany, NY Cremation Services Share Options for Scattering Ashes

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People who choose cremation as the way to handle the remains after a loved one dies usually have concerns about what to do with the ashes. Many people even think that scattering ashes is illegal or that there are strict restrictions. This is not the case. As any Albany, NY cremation service will tell you, there are a number of options when it comes to scattering ashes. We will take a look at some of the more common and popular choices available.

Albany, NY cremation servicesGround Scattering

This is the most common option. Ground scattering is when you scatter the ashes of a loved one right on the ground. In most places, this is completely legal, though it is important to keep in mind that if the location where you want to scatter the ashes is a private place, you will need to get permission from the owner. Ground scattering is what a lot of people these days choose. It is also called traditional scattering, so keep that in mind as you begin your research. Many families find that ground scattering provides a sense of closure and allows them to spend time in remembrance of their loved one in a peaceful setting. If you are considering ground scattering as an affordable cremation option, be sure to ask your funeral home about local restrictions on scattering ashes.


People who choose to scatter ashes on a beach usually turn to this option. Trenching involves creating one or two trenches in the sand or dirt and pouring the ashes into them. You can have a memorial service as this happens and say your goodbyes. When you are done, cover the ashes with sand or dirt. This is a respectful way of allowing the soil to absorb the ashes. If you are doing this on the beach, it is also an effective way of ensuring that the waves will take the ashes with them. Cremation services in Albany, NY tend to recommend this option for beach scatterings.


Another option is raking. In memorial gardens, it is the preferred method of scattering the ashes of a loved one. Raking involves carefully pouring the ashes out into the soft, tilled ground and then raking them into the dirt until they are absorbed. It can be a surprisingly relaxing thing to do and it offers closure for everyone who participates. It can be a great way to say goodbye to a loved one and to allow everyone who wants that kind of closure to get it by raking the ashes. In certain gardens that are made for this use, there are sand pits that make the entire process simple and easy.

These are the most common ways of scattering ashes. The process of scattering ashes can be a peaceful one and one that provides closure. Speak to your family to see what kind of options they prefer and reach out to the budget cremations experts to start planning. Albany, NY cremation services will happily guide you through the entire process to ensure that you have the help you need during this difficult time. Contact McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. at 208 N Allen St, Albany, NY 12206 to learn more about the options available for your loved one. Call (518) 489-0188 right now!

Albany, NY Cremation Services Share Options for Scattering the ashes of a loved one can bring closure and can allow you to say goodbye respectfully. There are a number of different ways you can do this after a death.

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