How to Deliver an Eulogy

Posted on October 1, 2018 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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If you have been asked or you have chosen to give an eulogy for a loved one who has passed away, you may feel some nerves about the entire process. Loudonville, NY funeral homes have noticed just how difficult it can be for some people to do this, especially when dealing with grief and the stress of the loss. By knowing a few simple tips, you can make the entire thing much easier for yourself while still giving an excellent eulogy.   

When you write the eulogy, have a mood in mind. Not everyone wants to focus on the loss, but instead they may choose to write an eulogy that is a celebration of a loved one’s life. By having an idea of the mood of the eulogy, you will be able to prepare better and be ready to give it.   

It is vital to practice. It may seem morbid to do this, and some people feel almost vain when doing this, but it can really help. When you practice, be sure to pace yourself. You will be nervous the day of the funeral and you may be upset, so plan to give yourself plenty of spaces to breathe and pause. If you rehearse these pauses, they will feel much more natural and more organic. When you actually give the eulogy, allow yourself to take more breaths if you need to.   

Another good idea is to record yourself giving the eulogy. This can help if you are someone who tends to speak very quickly or who tends to not enunciate very clearly. If you are known for speaking softly, you will want to record yourself and see if the volume you are using is a good one. Even though most funeral homes have microphones, some people prefer not to use them if they can avoid doing so. It feels more intimate to speak without it. By listening to yourself and seeing where you stumble or where your voice is less sturdy, you will be able to improve the eulogy tremendously.   

If you can, take the time to practice in front of someone you trust. This will help manage your nerves and to see if being nervous makes a huge difference in the way you give your eulogy. It can help keep you from rushing. Listen to the comments that the person who listens makes so that you can correct any issues.   

With these tips, you will be able to deliver an excellent eulogy. By practicing and listening to yourself, you will be able to fix any rushing or stumbling. Take into consideration that the circumstances at the funeral will be different because you will be nervous and you will be dealing with strong emotions. Funeral homes in Loudonville, NY can give you even more information on the process and what else you need to know. To learn more, contact McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. by visiting 208 N Allen St Albany, NY 12206 or by calling (518) 489-0188. 

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