Writing a Moving Eulogy

Posted on September 28, 2020 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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There will be many things you need to do after the death of a loved one, but perhaps one of the most crucial ones is to write the eulogy that you want to give at their service. You want to be certain that you include everything you want to say and that you express yourself in a moving way. If you want to learn some hints to help you do this, directors of funeral homes and providers of cremation services in Loudonville, NY have some tips.

It is important to include anecdotes and stories of your loved one. A eulogy needs to really show who the person was to you and this can only happen if you take time to gather details and stories of their life. It is always a good idea to start the eulogy with one of these, grabbing the attention of the people listening and ensuring that you let them know how you remember the person who died.

Take the time to put an outline together. You may think that this is not something you need to do, but the eulogy will have a much better structure if you take the time to plan it out. To help you do this, you can read examples of eulogies and see how people have arranged it. Yours does not have to be the same, but you can consider the structure, the tone, and the length of the eulogy.

It is also important to add jokes and funny anecdotes. Sometimes people think that this is not appropriate for a service, but you definitely want to do this. You will be allowing your loved one’s personality to come through and you will be giving the people listening a break from the grief they are feeling. For some, starting the eulogy with a funny anecdote can be a good option, so do consider it if you do not know where to start.

Once you have it written, you need to rehearse the eulogy. You will be dealing with lots of nerves and high emotions on the day of the service, so you want to make certain that you have practiced it enough that you will not be too upset. It can help even more if you have someone listening as you practice.

These tips can help you write and deliver a very moving eulogy for the person you have lost. You do not want to leave this to the last minute, so do take time to start planning the eulogy early. Read examples, too, so that you do not have questions about the length or structure. For those who still have concerns or who do not know where to begin, you can reach out to a Loudonville, NY cremation service provider like us at McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about eulogies and other funerary arrangements. Give us a call right now or stop by our location for more information.

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