Music Options and How to Choose Them

Posted on July 12, 2021 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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Putting together a funeral or memorial service is something that can take time and that requires you make a lot of decisions. If your loved one did not leave their wishes in writing, it can fall to you to make all manner of choices. One of these can be the kind of music that you want to have at the service. If you do not know how to make this choice, there are some tips that providers of cremation services in Guilderland, NY want you to know.

Consider whether you want to have live or recorded music. This can be a decision that can come down to personal preference, but it can also depend on the budget you have. If you have a limited budget, you may not want to spend money in hiring musicians. Recorded music is not something that will cost you, so it is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing.

Something else that you want to think about is the kind of service that you want to have for your loved one. If you are planning a funeral or a memorial service, the music you play there will be very different to what you would play if you want to have a celebration of life. You want to also consider whether you want to have a religious service or a secular one, since that can also affect the music you choose.

Of course, you also want to think about the options that your loved one would have wanted. If they did not like classical music or were not religious, it is important to mind their wishes and choose other options. Put together a list of the options your loved one would have wanted and stick with those.

cremation services in Guilderland, NYIf you want to have secular pieces at the service, it is important to check the lyrics before deciding. Even if you have heard the piece many times, you still want to be certain that you know exactly what it says, so that you can be certain it is an appropriate option. If you like the melody but realize the lyrics are not appropriate, it can be a good idea to look for an instrumental version of it that you can have at the service.

The music you choose for a funeral or memorial service can have an impact on the whole thing. Music can offer comfort and can even showcase your loved one’s personality. If you are getting ready to choose the music for a service, you want to remember all of these things. You can learn more about all of this by contacting a Guilderland, NY cremation services provider like us at McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. Our team has years of experience in the industry and we can help you make all of the arrangements you want for your loved one. You can stop by our location or you can give us a call right now to learn more about the services we offer.