The Ways Technology Can Help

Posted on October 11, 2021 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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Technology is a big help throughout most of our lives, so it stands to reason that it can also help with making funerary arrangements and with many other things you may need to do after the death of a loved one. If you are not sure how technology can help, there are some things you want to remember. Here are some of the most important ways that providers of cremation services in Guilderland, NY suggest you use technology after a death.

One thing technology can help you do is post the obituary online. If you do not want to have the obituary only in a local paper, having it online can help you spread the news. You can choose for the obituary to be placed on the funeral home’s website or you can have it on social media. This will ensure that lots of people know about what has happened and what services you are planning.

Technology can also allow you to livestream the service. If you have many loved ones who will not be able to attend the service, you can choose to have the service streamed. This is an option that most funeral homes offer and it can be a great way of ensuring everyone who wants to be part of the service can participate. All you have to do is send a link to your guests.

Another thing that technology can do is sign virtual guestbooks. For people who are not able to attend a funerary service but still want to let the family know that you are thinking of them, signing the virtual guestbook can be important. Most of the time the virtual guestbook will be posted together with the obituary on the funeral home’s website, but you can have it set up at a different location if that is what you prefer.

Technology allows you to set up crowdfunding projects to help you raise the funds you need after a death. It is easy to plan this kind of project and you can share it through social media to get as many people as possible to donate. For people who are working with a limited budget and want a bit of help, this can be important.

You can also get grief support online. If there are no local support groups or if you prefer to not attend in person, turning to online options can be important. There are lots of support groups to choose from and there are even grief counselors who work virtually.

cremation services in Guilderland, NY

These are some of the ways that technology can make laying a loved one to rest a bit easier. You want to consider posting the obituary online and other similar options and you also want to think about asking for support through virtual groups. To learn more about the options you have when using technology, you can turn to a Guilderland, NY cremation service provider like us at McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about funerary arrangements. Give us a call right now.