6 Funeral Planning Tips for a Beautiful Service

Posted on February 14, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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Although many Guilderland, NY funeral homes will take you as you come, knowing the subject a little before approaching providers is always advisable.

Learning the ins and outs of arranging a funeral may not be the easiest thing, but I dare say it is worth it.

If you agree, you should stay for these tips on funeral planning.

1. Understand what it entails

Starting from the very beginning, you should learn what goes on at funerals from step to step. If you’ve only been a guest at one before, you may not have been privy to all the components involved.

Will it be burial or cremation? What kind? Would embalming be necessary? What range of service would you like to hold, and who hosts them, your family or a funeral home? What are your memorialization options? Etc.

2. Pre-plan, don’t pre-pay

As much as paying in advance for your funeral plans has its benefits, you may be able to sleep a little better if you don’t commit financially.

A reliable funeral home will always hold up its end of the deal. But if you have doubts, go for a plan that lets you pay on delivery.

If you would like to set the money for your funeral costs apart, an alternative to tying it down would be to put it in a payable-on-death account. Then designate a beneficiary who receives the fund when you go.

3. Compare and contrast

Since funeral costs tend to run in the thousands of dollars, I’d do my homework first to ensure you’re getting the best you can for every cent.

Don’t be afraid to shop around to compare costs against the average in your area. Beyond just prices, check the services you’d be getting too, and the ease of dealing with whoever you decide to go with.

4. Take your time with package deals

Many funeral homes offer package deals for funeral plans. As convenient as that may seem, be sure to check out the list of products and services each one covers.

Some you may find may not include everything you want, while others may have way more than you need.

Check out the individual prices of each item on the list too, to see if it’s worth it. You can pick what is and get whatever else you need outside of the funeral home.

5. Carry your people along

Also, please carry the people you’ll leave behind along. Let them know your preferences, like what type of funeral you want and why you have chosen it.

They need to be on the same page with you as they will be your executor when the deed does happen.

Understand, though, that they may be unable to meet up with every single thing you want, so as much as you want to be specific, also try to be realistic.

Guilderland, NY funeral homes6. Put things in writing

Finally, put it in writing. You will have plenty of paperwork to sign at the funeral home but also note down the necessary details for your family and friends.

This is vital so that details don’t get lost between conversation and when death eventually happens. Remember, they can’t just give you a call if they forget.

If these tips help, you can take it up from there with funeral homes in Guilderland, NY. The professionals at McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. are happy to hash out whatever concerns you may have about any part of the planning process. Give us a call or visit us here today.