Pros and Cons of a Prearranged Funeral Plan

Posted on February 7, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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A common issue funeral homes in Loudonville, NY encounter on the job is clashes amongst loved ones on final arrangement decisions. Family members with dynamic values may disagree on certain aspects, making what is already a very trying time for them even more difficult.

Preventing this is one of the major reasons funeral pre-planning is gaining ground among people. However, like with everything in life, with abounding benefits comes possible drawbacks to consider before jumping the gun.

Below, we highlight the pros and cons of pre-planning a funeral.



Your arrangements will reflect your exact preferences

Do you have strong values you’d like to see continued in the event of your death? Maybe a particular way you’d like to be buried, or you want your demise to serve a greater purpose?

Whatever your wishes and preferences, pre-planning ahead of time helps centralize all this information. You can pick everything from your choice of disposition to the kind of music that plays at your funeral.

Takes the burden of choosing off your loved ones

It’s one thing to bear the stress of putting everything in order in such a limited time, and another to grief over not knowing if you are doing right by the deceased.

The conflict that ensues every so often because of ideological differences among the people you leave behind is eliminated when you prearrange.

You can pay for expenses in advance

Financial responsibility is another burden your loved ones may be grateful to you for taking off their hands if you prepay for your funeral arrangements.

You can save money by locking in on current prices

In addition to the fact that some funeral services offer a discount for funeral plans in advance, one can secure their final wishes at current prices.

Funeral costs, like most things, are prone to inflation, and some pre-planned packages protect you from just that.



Prepaid funeral plans may not cover relocation

Unfortunately, anything can happen between now and when the plan comes into play. Say you move, or for some reason, the funeral has to take place somewhere far away from your designated provider’s location.

Prearranging does not usually let you transfer plans between funeral providers unless the agreement covers it.

Your funeral home may fold

There is something to be said about choosing a funeral home with a proven history because if the business closes down or worse, you’re back to square one.

It’s worse if you prepay, and this happens. You can’t bank on a refund or a transfer to another funeral home.

Plans change

Funeral plans are customizable, and some homes even let you make minor changes as you go.

However, suppose you have a significant change of mind concerning any or all the services, especially after some time. In that case, you are not guaranteed a full refund.

Unexpected expenses/ plans can still arise

funeral homes in Loudonville, NYUnless specified in the fine print, not all funeral packages absolve the family of all payment when it’s time.

Additional costs may be incurred by circumstances surrounding the death or services the funeral home doesn’t offer. Nonetheless, they will only cover what you pay for.

At the end of the day, there are no absolutes anywhere, so it’s worth carefully looking at your situation and your options before choosing a provider.

Notwithstanding, prearranging with funeral homes in Loudonville, NY, has never been easier. At McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc., we help you make the best decision for you by putting all the cards on the table. Find out all you need to know about pre-planning and our services here or call us today.