Popular Funeral Sentiments That Are Really Myths

Posted on May 23, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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Funeral myths are often localized within a geographical context, although some transcend location and culture. However, in Loudonville, NY, funeral homes have been on the other end of both sides.

A funeral home director may take it upon themselves to set the records straight if you are lucky. However, a less than reputable one can just as easily take advantage of any misinformation.

Keep reading as we separate facts from myths to protect your interests or that of your loved one as far as funerals go.

1. Children have no place at a funeral

While it’s natural to want to protect the innocence of little ones, excluding children from participating in the funeral proceedings of their loved ones isn’t a favor to them.

It serves children more to find age-appropriate ways to involve them rather than freeze them out altogether, especially when they actively want to participate.

2. A funeral service must be held before a body can be buried or cremated

That it is common to have a service with the body present before moving it for committal/cremation doesn’t make it the only way to hold a funeral.

Some families choose to have their deceased cremated or buried right away without a ceremony. In contrast, others only have a memorial after the fact. None is any more acceptable than the other.

3. Funeral or memorial services should only hold at a place of worship

We also need to debunk the prevalent notion that a funeral is only legit if it holds at a place of worship or is presided upon by a religious officiant.

In reality, not only can you have a funeral wherever you choose, but the officiant doesn’t even have to be registered to conduct it.

Nothing stops you from having a family member lead a service at a funeral home, park, garden, or even your backyard if you are not religious yourself.

4. A funeral has to take place within a few days after death

From a logistical standpoint, it makes sense to hold a funeral as early as possible. However, it is not the only way there is to have one.

Not every family has the privilege of putting a funeral together within a short window, which is why options like embalming and refrigeration are available.

Another option is to dispose of the body first and then have a memorial or celebration of life later.

5. Funerals cannot be eco-friendly

Between embalming and other non-biodegradable by-products of traditional burials, it’s easy to assume the environmental toll comes with the funeral territory.

However, sustainable alternatives like wooden or biodegradable burial containers, non-toxic embalming fluid, and natural burial or aqua cremation have lower negative impacts.

Loudonville, NY funeral homes6. All funerals cost an arm and a leg

It’s no secret that funerals in the US are typically expensive. Nonetheless, several aspects of it are not only customizable but can be skipped altogether.

For instance, by choosing green or natural burial, you can save on most of the money guzzling parts such as embalming, viewing, casket purchase, burial vault or liner, etc.

7. Choosing cremation precludes a funeral or a final resting place

Finally, there is the longstanding myth associating cremation with ash scattering only. In truth, that is only one of the unlimited ways to send off a loved one’s cremated remains.

As for possible services, you can hold one as usual before or after the body is cremated or even skip the ceremony altogether.

It’s also up to you to decide what to do with the ashes, be it interment, scattering, planting, or memorializing in some other way.

We will keep debunking these funeral myths, but you will also do well to choose a Loudonville, NY, funeral home that can be real with you. As it happens, you are a click away from interacting with one right now. Call or visit us today to get started.