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Colonie, NY, funeral home

If you haven’t sent out funeral flowers yourself, you’ve likely been to a wake, memorial, or end-of-life service at a Colonie, NY, funeral home filled with them.

Many of the floral arrangements we see at funeral services are tokens brought or sent by sympathizers both present and far away.

Below, we put together the sentiments behind this agelong funeral gesture, from practical usage to symbolism and emotional benefits.

1. Flowers add color and brightness to a funeral service

Flowers are often seen as a natural way to express grief. They add color and brightness to a funeral service, creating a sad but beautiful atmosphere.

The warmth that flowers bring to any setting leaves a dignified impression of the deceased’s person’s life and exit.

2. Flowers are a beautiful tribute to the deceased

Flowers can remind us of times we spent with friends and family, even if it was only for a short time in our lives.

Flowers help us think about all the positive things that were part of the person’s life, rather than focusing on their death alone.

3. Flowers can be taken home and planted as a living memorial

If the deceased loved flowers, growing them as a living memorial is a beautiful way to honor their memory.

Guests and mourners who were close with the deceased or their family may bring an assortment of favorite flowers or what best represents their current feelings.

If transplanted, one can see, smell, and get satisfaction from putting in the work to keep memories associated with them alive.

4. Flowers are a significant part of the funeral service.

Historically, flowers were used at a funeral for their pleasant scent to mask the smell of nature taking its course on the remains.

Even though current treatment methods no longer necessitate this, flowers are traditionally used to express a range of emotions. As such, they have been included in funerals for centuries.

Flowers are often given at the cemetery or graveside service as well. They can serve as a reminder of life’s fragility, a wake-up call to appreciate each day more fully as we live it.

5. Flowers help convey our thoughts where words may be inadequate

A personalized gift of flowers is a beautiful way to express respect for the deceased and sympathy for their survivors.

They complement our efforts at consolation, even if only a little bit, especially when you get one in line with the celebrant’s belief or culture.

Colonie, NY funeral home6. Fresh flowers have symbolic importance in different customs and cultures.

Flowers have different meanings, depending on where you are in the world.

A white lily is common at funeral services. Still, the significance of this particular flower will vary from country to country.

In Europe and North America, it symbolizes purity and innocence. In Japan, it represents rebirth.

In China, it means mourning; and in Mexico and South America, it can mean death or even eternity (since lilies never die). Some areas of Australia and New Zealand reserve flowers for funerals only.

In the end, nothing can replace the void a death leaves. We can only try to make a grieving family feel less alone. Few ways are as universally recognized to go about this than flowers.

If you would like to show support or send care through sympathy gifts, you will find something to your taste among our carefully curated products. Call or visit our funeral home in Colonie, NY, today.

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