How to Plan a Simple Interment Service After Cremation

Posted on July 18, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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You typically get back loved ones’ ashes from cremation services in Colonie, NY, within a week or two. Some families take that time to plan what to do with the remains once ready. Some people arrive at scattering, and some decide to entomb cremated remains in a cemetery, among many other options.

Scattering and memorial service

If planning to scatter, you may wish to have a memorial service first. This will be a chance to say goodbye and share memories with those attending. You can plan a scattering ceremony on your own or with the help of funeral professionals. You might want to scatter the ashes somewhere in nature where they will be surrounded by greenery and fresh air. Or perhaps somewhere that has special meaning to the deceased or you. You could also hold a memorial service after scattering if you would like to remember your loved ones for years afterward.

Graveside memorial service

Whether scattering or interring cremation remains, you can have a committal service. Otherwise known as a graveside service, this ceremony can take place at a cemetery, funeral home, or other such locations. It is a fairly simple service held at the deceased’s final resting place, i.e., graveside, as with a traditional burial. Consider the following the basics of planning a simple graveside memorial service.

1. Decide what happens at the service

An interment ceremony, particularly one held at the final resting place, can have many components of a traditional funeral service. Your eulogy, readings, hymns, prayers, and benedictions are often included. However, considering it is also typically a brief service, you don’t have to go into every detail. You may skip as many aspects as possible that have been included in a previous ceremony. The purpose of the gathering is to commit the loved one to their final resting place. It doesn’t have to be conventional, but whatever structure a graveside service takes should come from a place of respect for the deceased and the mourners.

2. Assign roles and responsibilities

Like with many burials, graveside or committal services are often intimate. As a service meant to provide some sort of closure to a very significant chapter of their lives, family members like to partake. You may divide the elements you wish to have at the interment ceremony into personal and professional categories. The part that concerns family and friends, like writing eulogies or gathering mementos, should also be brought up to them. Once everyone is on the same page about their roles, you may begin making arrangements

cremation services in Colonie, NY

3. Make the necessary arrangements

Now it’s time to bring your wishes up to your funeral director and finalize plans. If you are using a cemetery scattering garden or a plot for burial, ask about the requirements before the service. For instance, certain urn materials might be prohibited for burial at a cemetery. If you are scattering ashes on public property, ask about the necessary permit as well, as they are not always free use. The good news is you can get a more pointed breakdown of the ceremony options available to you from your Colonie, NY, cremation service provider. Contact us anytime to plan ahead or for immediate needs. Call us today or visit our facility.

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