6 Things to Know When Planning an Ash Scattering

Posted on August 1, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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For many who have cremation services in Loudonville, NY, scattering ashes can feel like the most organic farewell to the deceased loved one. Whether it’s on the peak of a mountain, under an old tree, or near their favorite fishing spot, where you scatter a person’s remains should hold some significance.

Whatever your personal preference, here are six things you should know if you are considering scattering cremated remains:

1. Cremated remains are not ashes

Cremated remains result after a body has been reduced to bone fragments through cremation and processed. Though they are commonly referred to as ashes, you should know that it’s not the soft texture you’d expect of ash, but rather it’s more, like sand, coarse.

2. You can scatter ashes almost anywhere

As long as you do not violate local ordinances, you can scatter ashes almost anywhere. However, you should be respectful of others and only choose an area that is out of the way.

To scatter on private or public land, you will need to get permission first. Ash scattering on your own property is an option. But you may require the permission of the new owner to visit in the future if you ever sell the property.

Scattering in a body of water, such as at sea or in a river, is also allowed, although there are environmental precautions to bear in mind. If you have any questions about whether it is legal to scatter ashes in a particular location, contact your local authority before scattering ashes there.

3. Mind the wind

When scattering outdoors, you want to mind the direction the wind is blowing so you can stand against it. Cremated remains may not be ashes, but they can’t still blow back or away on a breezy day.

4. Take your time

You can scatter your loved one’s ashes in a few seconds, or you can spread them out in various locations over time. Remember, unless your faith stipulates a set way to go about the disposition of ashes, it is up to you to decide how you want to do it. Take your time and reflect on what you want from the experience, not just immediately but also in the future.

5. Find a right place

Wherever you choose to scatter the ashes, make sure it is somewhere that still resonates with you. If a particular location doesn’t feel as right as you imagined, feel free to explore other potential places you (and the deceased) would love.

If you are scattering ashes with family and friends present, make sure they are comfortable with the ceremony and the location.

cremation services Loudonville, NYGather items to take with you when scattering ashes outdoors

  •  Your bag of cremated remains (which should be stored in an urn or similar container that will not spill)
  •  A plastic bag (if required)
  •  Something to mark the spot (such as flowers or pebbles)
  •  A pen and paper (if required)
  •  Something natural for making a wish, such as feathers or flowers (optional)
  •  A camera or your phone to freeze the memory in photos
  •  Water and paper towel for your hands (if required)

You can always contact the Loudonville, NY cremation services you use for more insight on scattering ashes. We offer flexible and varied ways to care for loved ones’ remains and memorialize them. Call us today for immediate assistance or for help planning ahead.