Ways to Memorialize and Pay Tribute to a Loved One

Posted on August 22, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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Memorialization is a topic that often comes up for many families during consultations with cremation services in Guilderland, NY. Some people have specific ideas about what they want to create as a tribute to their loved ones. Others have no clue how to begin.

A funeral director often gets questions like “what should we make?” or “how do we create a memorial?” It’s important to note, first off, that every person has their unique story and relationship with their departed loved one.

So, while some of these suggestions may resonate with you, they may not work for everyone. But here are some simple ideas that might inspire a meaningful personal tribute.

Before the funeral service

Ask about and share information about your loved one’s life. What were some of their passions? Did they enjoy art? Sports? Family history projects? Did they play an instrument? Love to travel or hike? Did they have an all-time favorite book, movie, or TV show?

The more you know about your loved one’s interests and passions, the easier it will be to come up with a meaningful tribute.

Look for examples of meaningful tributes that others have created in the past. You may be interested in creating a photo memorial or an object, such as a cremation item with your loved one’s ash, as a tribute. You can also make a video tribute, which a funeral home like ours will be happy to help you with. Nonetheless, you can always find pointers online and do what you can yourself.

If there’s something specific that you want to create as a tribute but don’t know where to start or what medium to choose — discuss it with your funeral director. Funeral professionals are generally familiar with the ways people have created meaningful tributes in the past. They can offer suggestions based on their experience helping families.

Funeral directors can also help guide families based on their budget and available time. They can offer insights on achieving the desired result within those parameters.

You can create tributes in many different ways, but there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you’re not sure what exactly to do, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. The most important thing is that you are honoring your loved one and making an attempt that helps you remain connected with them.

For/at the funeral

Photographs with stories are a standard go-to for many families. Create a beautiful photo book with pictures of your loved one, captions, and stories about their life. You may also include photos taken at the funeral and have attendees add their input. You can look for examples online for inspiration or have the funeral home handle it.

Another popular option is writing a eulogy for your loved one. This may seem daunting, but writing about someone you love can be incredibly healing. If you need help getting started, talk with your funeral director about how they helped other families create meaningful eulogies for their loved ones. They may have some good tips on where to start.

You could also create a tribute through written words like poetry or letters – something that allows people who knew your loved one to share their memories of them as well. This could be done by having attendees write letters at the funeral home before or during the service. You can then compile these letters into a book that helps keep your loved one’s memories alive.

cremation services in Guilderland, NY

The life of a loved one is precious and irreplaceable. Call our Guilderland, NY, cremation services today or schedule a meeting to discuss how to memorialize and pay tribute reflecting this sentiment.