How to Attend a Celebration of Life Event

Posted on September 5, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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A celebration of life is the most dynamic of all funeral services. Each a unique variation from the last, the event can take many forms. It can be a religious or formal ceremony or as informal and secular as they come. A celebration of life ceremony can happen at the beach, a park, at the deceased’s family residence, or even at a Colonie, NY funeral home.

It could take place in the morning, afternoon, or at night. It can be a dinner party, memorial service, or something in between. With these in mind, if you are invited to a life celebration ceremony, you may wonder how to approach things. What do you wear, for example? Do you bring something with you?

Questions like these are not exactly uncommon, and we answer them and more in these tips for attending a celebration of life event below.


1. Listen to the family

If there is an all-encompassing tip for approaching a celebration of life service as a guest, it will be to listen to the family. Because there is no such thing as a single dress code for this type of ceremony, you want to approach each one you are invited to on an individual basis.

The invite will say whether it’s a church service or a dinner party. It will also imply the event theme, whether guests are expected to wear a certain color or bring a particular type of flower. You will also know the venue, time, and activities you are expected to participate in before time. If you let this information guide you for each event, you can hardly go wrong.

2. Wear something appropriate

As for the issue of what to wear, a good rule of thumb is to go with something appropriate. Going by the above, what is considered “appropriate” for each celebration of life service can be relative.

For instance, if the event is taking place outdoors, you might want to pick something comfortable for the elements you will be exposed to. Likewise, if the family has chosen a dress code, you want to match it as closely as you can.

You will have more flexibility with colors here than at a typical funeral. Notwithstanding, remember the reason for the gathering and try to let your dressing reflect your respect for the deceased.

3. Bring a sympathy gift

Colonie, NY funeral homeFinally, don’t show up empty-handed if you can help it. No matter how celebratory the nature of the event you are attending, understand that the deceased’s family is likely still grieving. While these loved ones would be thankful for your presence, you can take it further by expressing your support with a theme-appropriate sympathy card or gift.

As mentioned above, listening to the family before striking out on your own is important. Some invites specify what or how they would like to receive support from their community. They may have started a memorial fund in the deceased’s honor, to which every donation would be deeply appreciated. Some may ask that guests bring memorabilia reminiscent of the deceased, while others may state no gifts at all.

In the absence of any directions, you can go off your relationship with the family and get something personal and appropriate.

Whether the life celebration is at our funeral home in Colonie, NY, or elsewhere, the above tips will be handy in conducting yourself with respect. Remember to consider not only the deceased but also their family and their values. Visit or call us today for immediate assistance regarding all things funeral and celebration of life services.