6 Tips for Talking to Your Family About Preplanning Your Funeral

Posted on November 7, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under funeral home
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It is never easy to talk about death. Even for preplanning specialists at Loudonville, NY funeral homes, it isn’t something they look forward to discussing with clients or their families. However, the unfortunate reality is that we all have to prepare for our own end at some point. When it comes to final arrangements, everyone who matters should know what their wishes are before the inevitable occurs.

Talking about planning your funeral can seem like a scary proposition, but there are ways to simplify the discussion. Here are a few tips on how you can talk about preplanning your funeral with your family so that they are aware of your wishes and plans.

Know your wishes

Before you have a discussion with loved ones, you must know what your wishes are. This can be a little tricky as it will require you to think about your death, but you should have a clear grasp of what you are presenting.

Know your options

It also helps to research your options so you can be confident in your choices. If this feels a little morbid, remember someone still has to do the work eventually. The only difference is that when the time comes, they may not have the luxury of shopping around and comparing. Knowing the different kinds of funeral services available means you can set the groundwork for the exact type you prefer and where you want it. With your choices streamlined, everyone can work together to create a final farewell based on your wishes.

Prepare for emotions

If you find it challenging to talk about your own death, imagine how much more it will be for your loved ones to hear. As you prepare for this conversation, remember to give some allowance to your people, especially those who will be hearing it for the first time. The emotional impact of discussing death is not negligible for the average person.

Watch your timing and place

Try to plan the conversation for a time and place when everyone can be present. Most people do not feel comfortable talking about death and final arrangements. If they must, it’s more likely to flow naturally when and where they are at ease.

Make a family activity of it

Loudonville, NY funeral homesAsk everyone for their input and what they would like to do so they feel like they are contributing and not just being told what to do. Making funeral decisions together as a family and sharing responsibilities can help ease some of the anxiety that would naturally come with the subject. They are also likely to gain more from experience that way. Make it a two-way conversation, ask questions and be prepared to answer some of their own. Talk about death as something natural, not something scary or intimidating.

Make sure that you are honest with your loved ones about your motivations. However, you also don’t want to be insensitive about it. Are you doing this because you feel death is imminent or just making provisions for the future? Either way, ease them in with the benefits of planning ahead and reiterate that this is in their interest as much as yours. We are happy to walk you through the steps of preplanning your final arrangements and offer further assistance on broaching the subject. Call or visit our funeral home in Loudonville, NY, today.