Five Reasons People Choose A Cremation Instead Of a Burial

Posted on April 24, 2023 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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Cremation services Colonie, NY

Cremation services Colonie, NY is popular today, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many reasons that this is a viable option. Surprisingly claustrophobia is one of them. To help you know how this can be the best option for you to choose for your family, we’ve got five reasons that cremation is chosen instead of burial.

The Simplicity Is Good For Families

A cremation is a simple option because it removes the need for many things in a funeral that you might not be able to afford or need. For instance, there are no caskets, in many cases, there isn’t a viewing, and there are usually no frills or extras. That’s helpful to many families that have unique circumstances.

The Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of death isn’t minimal. However, it’s something we can’t escape, and knowing there is something we can do to help is good. When you have a traditional burial, there are heavy chemicals from embalming. However, cremation does take its toll on the environment with carbon emissions. Though the equipment is improving and better solutions are becoming available. At current, though, the energy that it takes to cremate someone is equivalent to driving a car six hundred miles. Still, it’s generally considered to be the better option for families.

A More Personal Option

While many families will prefer the tradition of burial, others don’t. For those people, they like the act of cremation because it’s not the traditional option. That being said, cremation is considered a more personal alternative because you choose how the ashes are disposed of. You can spread them in places, have them turned into other things, and your family can come to a ceremony that feels more about the family and less about what people expect from the service.

There Is More Space This Way

Many people have had family members who have fought in wars and recognized that the world isn’t the same. For example, war casualties were buried in a memorial or a national cemetery. That is still something that is done today. However, many countries don’t have space for a cemetery, and because of that, they need to look for alternative methods of doing things so that their country has more space.

With cremation, you get that option; many people think it’s better for the planet. In addition, families have come up with attractive options for the urns, which has also appeased many families.

Cremation services Colonie, NY

The Ability To Be Near Family

No one wants to be alone, and death is no different. When we die, we want to know we won’t have to be alone forever. With an urn, you’ll go home to your family and never have to worry about that. Your loved ones can take you with them wherever they go. That has gone a long way with families because when you have a gravesite and your family moves, they can’t see you anymore. You don’t have that same set of issues with cremation services Colonie, NY making it the ideal choice.