Alternatives to Scattering Cremation Ashes

Posted on September 12, 2022 by McVeigh Funeral Home, Inc. under cremation services
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Colonie, NY cremation service

Scattering cremation ashes is a popular way for the bereaved to pay tribute to their deceased loved one following a Colonie, NY cremation service. It’s also a final and beautiful way of saying goodbye.

Nevertheless, not everyone feels comfortable with scattering ashes. There are alternative ways to deal with cremains if you are not ready to part with them or think there might be other suitable outcomes for your loved one’s ashes.

Some of these options may seem like unusual ways of handling their cremated remains. However, they are fairly practiced alternatives that will provide peace of mind knowing your loved one is resting somewhere safe and fitting.


Burial is a popular alternative to scattering cremated ashes and a great way to keep the deceased “around.” You can bury cremation remains in your garden, a cemetery, or a special place of your choosing. Besides wanting something more permanent, families can reunite loved ones after death even when they choose cremation by arranging to be buried in the same place.

Jewelry and keepsakes

If you don’t want to part with your loved one’s ashes just yet but still want something beautiful that will remind you of them, consider cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry comes in many styles, from charms to pendants and more. It ranges from simple necklaces and bracelets where you can keep some of the ashes inside to more elaborate pieces with space for multiple ash fillings.

This gives you an attractive and subtle memorial item you can keep close by at all times. The options for cremation jewelry are endless, and you can choose based on your taste and preferences. Various materials are also available for making cremation jewelry, from sterling silver and gold-filled metal all the way up to fine gemstones and diamonds.

Ash Display

You can display cremation ashes in virtually anything from a classic urn to a custom-made hourglass. Many families place their loved one’s cremation urn at their homes or in a columbarium and then plan to bury it in the long term. This way, they are always within reach of their loved one, but the deceased also get to have a place of final rest.

Ash-infused Art

Colonie, NY cremation serviceFrom tattoos to paintings, ashes can be used to create a unique piece of art. Many artists out there specialize in making art with cremation ashes, and they will work with you to come up with something truly personal. Some people will paint or draw pictures of their loved ones, while others will use the ashes in an entirely different way.

For example, you could incorporate the cremains into a ceramic piece or even memorial glasswork.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with cremation ashes. Most people don’t need more than one option, however it’s also okay to explore multiple alternatives when you can’t decide. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you choose and that it helps honor your loved one’s memory in the best way possible for you.

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